Adaption to the Kano screen

So, I’ve recently purchased and received the Kano Screen Kit and I’m rather happy with it, although for some reason Ubuntu Mate doesn’t seem to recognize the hardware beyond the basic 600x800 resolution.

Does anyone know how or where I can find the driver for the screen? I’ve tried doing xrandr but I’ve been getting errors. I’d love to have the kano screen sitting vertical instead of lying on the table top :confused:


I'd never heard of it, take a look at the following links which might help?:

See this too if all else fails? (Written about SIS graphics but it may work?):

Well, none of those helped I’m afraid. :confused:

Ubuntu-Mate doesn’t recognize the Kano Screen Kit :confused: and that’s what I’m trying to fix.

Sorry @RTShields,

I have looked around the web but can’t find any references to running Ubuntu (Mate) on it!. :frowning:

I ran across this

If you’re not using the Kano OS, you’ll also need to tweak your Raspberry Pi’s video settings to get the screen working. I found that using Adafruit’s configuration settings for their 10.1” screen worked perfectly fine.

Which led me to

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I’ll be facing this issue soon for a project using the Raspberry Pi 7" touch screen. My idea is to use xrandr to scale the resolution.

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