Add a user account on Ubuntu MATE 22.04

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I can't find any tools or a method to add a user account on Ubuntu MATE 22.04 ?

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Add < gnome-system-tools if not already installed > sudo apt-get install gnome-system-tools

navigate to System> Admin > Users and Groups > Pick the add text box


This is indeed the solution. It works. Why is this tool not installed by default?

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Thanks happy to find solutions here !

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it's being deprecated I believe and in 23.04 and on there is a different MATE tool so it was just sort of a transition period sort of


Hi, @nyx_fr (XIBE) :slight_smile:

(Usual disclaimer: please note that I'm just another Forum user here, I'm NOT an Ubuntu Developer and/or Ubuntu MATE Developer).

You've asked:

In April 2022, there was the following related discussion started by @JokerGermany regarding Ubuntu MATE 22.04 LTS ("Jammy Jellyfish"):

In that discussion, @franksmcb (Bill) started by replying the following:

... and then he added the following explanation:

... where he mentioned the following Bug in Launchpad:

"Bug #1706770 “Lock screen can be bypassed when auto-login is enabled” : Bugs : mate-session-manager package : Ubuntu" -

That bug eventually lead @Wimpy (Martin Wimpress - one of the two Founders of Ubuntu MATE - "Team | Ubuntu MATE") to remove the "gnome-system-tools" software package from Ubuntu MATE, as can be seen in the following 2 comments in that Bug:

When Ubuntu MATE 22.10 ("Kinetic Kudu") was released, the following related paragraph appeared in the "Ubuntu MATE 22.10 Release Notes" -

"(...) MATE User Manager

A new utility, User Manager, has been added to complement the suite of MATE tools. User Manager replaces the aging gnome-system-tools which was removed from Ubuntu MATE in the 22.04 release and allows you to add/modify/remove user accounts. It also includes the ability to define which users are Administrators, enable/disable auto-login, set profile images and manage group memberships.
MATE User Manager

I hope this helps in clearing things up :slight_smile:


If you don't use auto-login, you can install gnome-system-tools
I fear the new Mate User Manager isn't available for 22.04


I use auto login. I am the only one that uses my laptop. It is only my wife and myself that live in our home, and I never take my laptop anywhere. I also have all my important accounts like banking, retirement and health on an encrypted USB drive, never saved on the computer itself.