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i did add 2 add - ons to my Ubuntu Mate Mozilla Firefox browser (HTPPS Everywhere & No Script ) my concern is about privacy and security cause i know that nothing is for free …what are the pros n’ cons of these extensions ???
I remember i was using those 2 add - ons when i was using Tor Browser but they came by default.
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Actually some things are for free.
I know, it’s shocking.
Welcome to the world outside of the Evil grasp of Microsoft.

I don’t know about NoScript, but HTTPS Everywhere is made by the EFF and the Tor Project.
The only thing to configure in HTTPS everywhere is whether you want to notify the SSL Observatory when some sites are doing the nasty.
The rapports are anonymized so it’s not a Privacy issue, but you’re still free to decide if you want to send the reports or not.

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Hi @Sexybaldguy

I’m a longtime user of NoScript and I can assure you it’s an acquired taste. Most people dislike the attention it needs, especially the way I like to see all the scripting shenanigans. It’s all a matter of getting the allow/block lists tuned-in using the tools provided so it becomes very little overhead over time.

That said, when I saw the Tor browser last, Noscript was installed but set “Allow Scripts Globally” by default. At this setting it’s available but not doing much.

I also run HTTPS Everywhere and the current version is pretty hands-off by comparison and highly recommended. @ouroumov covered it well.

All the cross-site scripting of “modern” sites would seem to make the malware writer’s job a lot easier. I wouldn’t surf to sites found via searching without NoScript. YMMV.

I’ve abandoned more than a few “shopping carts” when they start bouncing from site to site during check out as I try to pay. Not anyway I want to do business!

I keep NoScript always on with “temporarily allow” as needed until I get what I want or conclude the site is click bait or worse. My wife gets frustrated, by it, but I reminder her of the hassles she has had with fraudulent charges on her credit cards in the past. Merchants who’ve not done their due diligence have lost $10K+ to scammers while we’ve had the inconvenient of not having the credit card working the week before Xmas :frowning:

There’s also the less violent option of using uBlock Origin.

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Actually I use uBlock Origin along with NoScript in Firefox to block obnoxious ads that generally come along after a site has been temporarily allowed.
I also have uBlock Origin installed in Chromium. I haven’t installed it yet in Chrome so I can compare the browsing experience without NoScript with and without uBlock.

Sites like the are nearly impossible to use without uBlock as typically two-thirds of the page is ads, many of them obnoxious animations.

A very useful option for me would be easy stopping of auto streaming in video content (not just autoplay, but the video to stop downloading the stream when I stop it).

It’s an especially abusive design pattern in news websites, not to mention youtube. For someone living in Africa like I do and paying close to 100 USD for a 4GB monthly plan, video auto or background streaming is a web cancer and one of the most damaging things a web developer can do to us.

For everything else I use UBlock Origin. Which has been great in conserving my monthly plan. Just not enough though.

Good morning @Bill_MI

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Really sad to hear the way No Script is working now on Tor browser;i did ask because i know and you know about the hidden trackers you cannot see when you are browser the web,that’s something mostly people dont pay attention …
Both are working great,just worried about the free stuff :slight_smile:

Have a nice day and thanks again for the reply !!!

Hi @ouroumov

Thanks for the reply

I understand that if i am using Ubuntu OS or any Linux distro there is no way of being infected with any virus right ??? Using No Script is easier to block tracking sites hidden while you are surfing the web.
Even the browser gets stuck for scripts while you are on the internet and everything seems to be slower for the scripts …i’ve found this tool very useful.

Thanks for reply me back,have a nice day ahead !!!

Thanks again for the reply back @ouroumov

I am a very paranoid person so if you say some things are for free it is hard for me to believe … maybe i was a Microsoft user for so long (more than 10 years ) and yes,it’s shocking to believe apps or extensions are for free,everything has a price (your info )

I will keep using both,No Script and HTTPS Everywhere for many reasons !!!

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Your reply was very useful,great info :smile:

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No, that’s wrong.
While it’s less likely, it can still happen. And as on other platforms, if it ever happens it will most likely be through your browser. Which is why those addons are a very good idea IMO.

Hi @wally333

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I keep No Script always on temporarily allow,is the best way to keep your browsing safe;it helps me a lot.

Really sad to hear about your bad experience …

Thanks again and have a nice day ahead !!!

Hi again @wally333

Thanks for the reply :smile:

I did use Ublock origin long time ago,it is a good option too for blocking ads as well as No Script.
The internet of things is the new era,but always come with some risks …

Thanks and have a nice weekend !!!