Adding a new hard drive!

So when 21.04 came out, I did a fresh install with the ZFS option on my 1TB ssd.

I now have a new 1TB ssd, and have installed it in my computer! What I would like to do, is either...

A) Format it for ZFS, and make it my new home directory or

B) Reinstall 21.04 and use ZFS with a 1TB root and 1TB Home...

Can anyone point me to what I can read to make this happen (without having to become a ZFS master)!

For my 2 cents, as a zfs shared volume admin, think carefully about why you want zfs. And this is not a knock on ZFS--I love it and use it myself for both workstation, laptop, and file server.

The default zfs installer setup is challenging to administer manually. Yet a manual install does require a good deal of zfs and command line experience.

Doing your option A will require manual zfs. I think that B will also. It is my understanding (though I've never used it) that the automatic installer has a preset list of datasets that it uses, with not many choices to deviate from that setup. It has been discussed many times on the ZFS mailing lists.

The definitive guide to Ubuntu root zfs manually installed is by Richard Laager, available on the OpenZFS website. However, even with this guide, you will need to learn a substantial amount about ZFS. Remember, it is a top end enterprise file system, with sysadmins as its target audience. Its entire structure is different from traditional file systems.