Adding Raspbian repo

Hi all.

I am trying to add the raspbian repo to my sources.list file.
after adding the repo and running

$ apt-get update

I get the message

E: The repository 'Index of /raspbian/ wheezy Release' does not have a Release file.
N: Updating from such a repository can't be done securely, and is therefore disabled by default.
N: See apt-secure(8) manpage for repository creation and user configuration details.

I then tried adding the pgp key via

$apt-key -add file.key

I still encounter the error.

Any adivce,

Try to add the repo on what? Ubuntu MATE? Raspberry Pi OS?
Adding a repo from another OS to Ubuntu MATE isn't advisable and can cause breakage.

If you use RPI OS then support is elsewhere.:

Besides all of that, Wheezy has been EOL for quite some time now so the repo isn't of any use.

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So Im running UbuntuMATE ON RPi 4. (image found here )
I am trying to get cec-utils to work.

unfortunatly I cant get it to work on UbuntuMATE.

I read that it needed to be downloaded for the Raspbian repo.

So that led me to trying to add the repo and get to this stage.


Don't forget Debian wheezy is very old.. Have you checked the required dependencies are available & won't clash with your unstated release of Ubuntu-MATE (the link you provided refers to more than one release).

As Wheezy is so old, I can't look up its requirements (why I used the oldest jessie-8 currently available not wheezy-7), and you intend loading a non-Debian packaged version, so you'll need to do your own evaluation as to risks & breakage it may cause, but I'd not recommend it.

I'd for sure be trying to use a Ubuntu packaged version

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If you need a specific package from Raspberry Pi OS, you can use Synaptic to download the .deb files, and transfer them over to MATE and install the packages with Gdebi, or...

sudo dpkg -i <package_name_or_path_to_file> && sudo apt --fix-broken install

Or the other way around I guess. (I don't recommend you use Wheezy)

Thanks for your suggestion!
I did try this but the Raspbian .Deb is for armfh not arm64 so it failed.

I did a bit more reading and someone on GitHub ran into the same problem.

They had to compile cec utils form source with additional steps.
This is our of my league but will get around to learning when I've put my Arduino down!

Thanks all for your help

well this shows that gpg key is not available or correctly installed you could tell it explicitly to trust the repo but since this is extremly not recommended and highly insecure unless you specificly can trust the repo aka you own it.

Thanks for you help!

You can go to and find the package you're looking for. It's a very good place to find debs for all distros and many architectures.