Adobe Flash returning to Linux!

Adobe has announced that they are considering supporting Linux again!

Firefox users check it out here:

Download NPAPI version for Linux from here:


IMHO this is not good news. Flash is a security nightmare. :warning:
Google are applying preasure to phase it out, I hope they are sucessful.


I agree, Flash needs to die, and fast. This is really by far Adobe’s most puzzling decision.


As much as I also would like Flash to go away, it is probably not going to happen. Too much “content” uses Flash. Besides videos, some magazines use Flash (via Adobe AIR) to deliver electronic copies. (Aside: I hate using Adobe AIR for magazines. It just seems wrong - why not just use a PDF file? 600MB for one issue :sob:)

Besides, this update still doesn’t add support for DRM playback which means you still can’t view stuff that requires you to login first.


I agree Flash needs to go. One step I’ve taken is to disable it by default, so websites need permission to use it.

Hopefully there will come a point where HTML5 is the “de facto” standard on the web and Flash is always the afterthought. :slight_smile:

Seriously. There is Pepper Flash, and it can be used with Firefox.

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Actually, is good news and bad news because people not using Chrome struggle surfing and this is beneficial. The security related issues are obvious because is a prime target because of its popularity WW. This support includes solving those issues AND bugs but there's no support for hardware acceleration like on Windows .

Bad news because all the efforts done by Mozilla regarding the dead of flash in favour of HTML5 makes it a dead-alive difficult to die because its already dead and makes HTML5 being forgotten by others than Mozilla.

Not enough, while Mozilla cut it down Chrome makes nicely and smooth the use of flash even on Linux which is why some people prefer Chrome instead of FF. As chrome being so popular makes designers and developers and marketers make stuff related to flash. In the end it is people advising others

FF doesn't work? Install Chrome

And Google knows it.

Yet I am certain Chrome will phase out Flash as well, even if it right now gives them a competitive advantage to have Flash support. It’s just too much of a security nightmare to have around. And security has become a rather important bullet point…

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Oh. My. God. You people didn’t seem to understand when I said Chrome’s Pepper Flash can be used in Firefox, and it isn’t even that hard. Do me a favour; Remove adobe-flashplugin from your machine and instead install browser-plugin-freshwrapper-pepperflash1. Tell me how that works out.

1: Doesn’t sandbox; must use firejail to sandbox Firefox entirely if the same security Chrome provides with sandboxing Flash elements is desired.

Why would anyone do something like that? No FSF FUD, please.

I checked, and Google broke everything. Now after installing the above, you have to do some extra crap, which I detailed in this thread.

About why, I simply have no interest in Chrome / Chromium, and I believe a lot of other people might not either. That, and Firefox, if you’re comparing the extensibility of each browser’s interface is heads and shoulders above Chrome with customization, even if you have to install an addon or two to unlock its full potential these days because of Mozilla’s recent change of heart toward such extensible customization.

I’ve been using Firefox since version 3, way before the rapid release cycle and while things are fairly different, I still expect my browser to appear a certain way and I get that with Firefox, versus Chrome. That, and I prefer to not use web apps, as such, Firefox not explicitly being a web app container and pushing feature-complete web apps as addons on AMO feels more in-line with the Unix principle of how things should work.

If you don’t agree with that, it’s nobody’s problem, so please don’t make it yours.

I only use Firefox and for the exact reasons as you mentioned but I was asking why would anyone install peppper on Firefox as you suggested. I mean, you are trying (awfully) to lecture on me not this to be my problem but you did it by installing pepper not only your problem but make it the problem of everybody else.

Anyway, I read the thread again and I think we (including me) messed the thread. So I will try to clarify something about flash so everyone can get the stuff he/she needs:

There are like two simultaneous branches that can be used in Linux: 11.2 and NOW 23. The difference is that 11.2 has old code and can have some hardware acceleration and DRM support (it will play stuff but not all) while 23 is a "renewed" code but without DRM support and not GPU acceleration. Both have security updates but 23 also has bugs updates and in the future it may have support for acceleration, DRM and others possible features. BOTH are available for 32 and 64 bits.

This is NPAPI "reversioned" made by Google and Adobe and its version is 23 and comes in Chrome as built in. No hardware acceleration and no DRM and its 64 bits only.

Now, everybody can decide which one is better for their needs or browser. So, to me, it doesn't seem to be a reason for a simple user to install pepper on their Firefox.

I recently found out that there is PPAPI flash for 32bits systems. The package adobe-flashplugin contains both NPAPI and PPAPI available for both 64bits and 32bits. Tested on chromium and opera at my 32bits laptop. I don’t know how they get it. The package pepperflashplugin-nonfree still doesn’t work on 32bits systems since google stopped its 32bits releases.

Just wanted to mention that I said the browser selection shouldn't be your problem, not my opinion about Flash. The reason why I am all over Pepper Flash is because I don't believe Adobe will support Flash for much longer, but if they show more interest past a few updates I may come around to installing Adobe Flash once again.

I am hesitant to screw around with Adobe when they've been very touch-and-go with Linux.

OKey, but I thought you were talking about flash as that was my question (why would anyone do that?).

Pepper is, supposedly, developed by Adobe and Google but I don't realy have a clue on how much of its development is made by each one.

On the FSF FUD, I was harsh as FSF would say to stick with gnash or not use flash or the like .-.

Complete Newbie Here…Slowly Learning About Linux

I downloaded a live CD/DVD iso from distro watch, I am pleased with unbuntu mate, if fact its the best unbuntu ive tried except no flash.

When I test and try other distro some even based on the unbuntu fork they seem to come pre installed with some kind of flash.

I understand that adobe flash and other plug ins can be a nightmare for people but ffs until html5 is standard why would you not want a newbie to have a least some kind of working flash straight out of the box.

I forgot to mention something else;

Pepper Flash / PPAPI was the only way I could use Flash on YouTube, because Adobe’s solution was outdated. Not to mention the pre-installed flashplayer-installer package provides the very outdated plugin YouTube refuses to use. So yeah, Pepper or bust for people who don’t wish to add PPAs or try to get the latest Flash from external source.

Firefox comes with flash 11.2 out of the box.

Well, actually I have never used flash with youtube, only html5 addons.

Did not know that. Is still severely outdated. Is there a PPA or debian package you can provide?