Advanced menu freezes when clicking on search button > lookup dictionary

When clicking on the small search button next to the search field in the Advanced Menu (Redmond style via Mate Tweak), and then on Lookup Dictionary, the entire menu freezes until dictionary is closed. Can anyone reproduce this?

I can reproduce this issue.

I can also somewhat reproduce this issue.

Added advanced menu to standard layout.
First I entered “word” in the search bar, then went to lookup dictionary.
First time around it didn’t so much freeze as popped up the dictionary dialog (half under the menu), but there was a name resolution problem: couldn’t find “” IIRC.
Second time around I guess it had done a DNS lookup and the dialog worked fine.

I tried again after some time and the bug is still there. It is probably only related to the Advanced Menu, not the panel layout.

Hi @maro
Maybe you should consider filing a bug report?