After manual kernel upgrade still updates?

I have a question regarding manually upgrading to a newer/higher kernel.
With ubuntu 16.04LTS we are still on Kernel 4.4 and it will be updatet by the system automatically.
(to 4.4.1 … 4.4.2 and so on)

Will this still be the case if I manually download a new Kernel, say 4.7 and install the 3 files with “dpkg -i *.deb”
Will the 4.7 Kernel automatically be updatet to 4.7.X and after that to 4.8.X. or do I have to do that manually? (basicly will it be like a rolling release then?)
Are there any issues by manually upgrading to a higher Kernel?

The other question is, will the 4.4 Kernel of Ubuntu 16.04 be updatet to a higher Kernel after 16.10 is released?

if you ask why I want to upgrade to a higher Kernel, well it gets new feaures doesnt it?
Especially new features for graphics drivers and higher performance

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Not if you manually install the 4.7 kernel. If you want to install the latest kernel I would reccommend you using the following URL

But as I said, you still have to do the updates yourself.

ok so if I add that ppa I am always on the latest kernel?

What about the 2nd question:
When will be the current 4.4 Kernel be officially upgraded to a higher version?
I think I heard when 16.10 is released, 16.04LTS will also upgrade is that correct?

The kernel updates are handled by Ubuntu, not by Ubuntu MATE. As 16.04 is an LTS and kernel 4.4 is also LTS, we will be on 4.4 for a while. So, if you need or want a later kernel, you should/could resort to a PPA.

For me if I want the bleeding edge of software (incl. the kernel) I boot into Arch Linux. But I like to have a stable environment when stuff in Arch breaks and I need to get some work done :slight_smile:

ok, but I think you have the option to switch from 16.04LTS to 16.10 after it is released
and then you will be on (at least more) up2date software and also a newer kernel, did I get that right?

Yes, it is possible to do a dist-upgrade from 16.04.1 to 16.10. But as 16.10 is based upon GTK3 (16.04 is based upon GTK2) it might be better to do a fresh install.