After the upgrade to 17.10

Is anyone else having an issue with the Epson V600 no longer being recognized even with the drivers installed?
And my Software Updater is gone, did it get removed?
Excellent job on adding the NVIDIA drivers, disliked having to hook-up via VGA to install. Plus, the display port addition.:grinning:
And can we make it easier to stop the screens from blanking out all the time. Drives me nuts, and it’s a short trip.
One other thing, Mate still doesn’t recognize my blu-ray drive. It’s unusable as it freezes everything up.
I’m a new convert from Windows and stay almost exclusive in Mate. I just like it. If I added this in the wrong spot, I apologize.

Hi !
How do you read those blu-ray ? i do not have here to try out, but maybe you could try from VLC or from Smplayer ?
sudo apt install smplayer

According to the french documentation about blu-ray, maybe try to copy them with dumphd
or perhaps read those with lxBDPlayer - but i do not have Ubuntu MAte partition to try out. And, anyway, i don’t have blu-ray
wish that help
Notice that ifyou open a discussion it will be easier to have one question by discussion (subject) - easier then for people who will look for some help i mean !

Another thing if you allow me - 17.04 will be supported until January 2018
If you are new in Linux world, i can tell that LTS versions will be better choice for stability. The last LTS for UM is the 16.04.3
If you know how to manage in case of trouble, then you could choose the 17.10 version, latest !

I just upgrade to 17.10 and have the following problems :

  • Druide Antidote 9 crash (reported to Druide software, waiting for solution)
  • Firefox does not want to store my start page : every time starting on “”.

Hi @Fabien14,

please start your own thread!. :smiley:

Hi @OhioEagle,

please see the following about screen blanking. :smiley:

Morning folks,
@wolfman - I got my screen from blanking fixed. I had added the Stop Screen to the Startup Apps, but had forgotten that I had also installed dconf and set that to 0, so I had a conflict; put that back to 300 and all was well and un-installed dconf - I’m not ready for that yet. Thank you for your help, much appreciated.
@Tristan_VILLERS - It’s an LG RW bluray player that no matter what media I put in it, it spins up and then just freezes the entire system, no mouse movement, no music playing in the background, it’s a stone. So I’m thinking of stepping down to just a dvd player to see if that is any better. Then wait for some fix on the V600 scanner. OR, I can go look at the long term version, which I’m going to do. Thank you the same as wolfman.
Thank you all, I’ll keep you updated.
PS - One other thing, neither lscpi or lsusb show the LG, yet, another command did, but I forget which one that is.
UPDATE - I had a usb dvd drive and plugged it in and it worked just fine. So this tells me that something doesn’t like the LG HL-DT-ST BD-RE WH14NS40(1.03) player. I can live with the usb one. Freaking weird!!!

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