After upgrade this morning no ability to close windows

Dear friends,

After upgrade this morning, there are no longer widgets to control windows, nor do any right clicks in the panel have any effect. Nor can I drag windows, a window opens, there is no way to control it, etc. now, ctl-alt-t does not open terminal. likewise, while typing this I cannot refocus to panel control, or any other windo.

so if a window covers panel, cannot get terminal Would like to avoid clean reinstall, if possible

things i use most often in mate are browsers, and, of course evolution, so I am not sure what happened.

obviously this is an emergency, as computer is unusable.



It doesn't look good, at least from where I see it. Not being able to open a terminal means you can't launch Control Center. If you could get to that you would be able to change themes and panel themes. Which may restore your control over MATE. You cannot run Control Center in a tty.. I'm thinking, with so many issues, your best bet would be to install a fresh Ubuntu MATE. From my thoughts, thinking this is your only recourse -- I assume you did a reboot? Maybe try doing a complete shutdown and restart instead? Or are you unable to shut down via UM? Sorry not much help, but without access to Control Center (I think the problem is a corrupted theme) you may not be able to fix it.

Thank you mickee.

Sort of solved. the latest update removed some bindings, which removed mate tweak and the nividia drivers.

it was complicated, but apparently, involved the compositor.

only thing missing now is "print" in right click dialogue.

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I don't have an option in context menu to print straight from there. I would like it! If you figure it out let me know!