After upgrade to 17.04 I cannot modify panels

I upgraded 2 boxes from 16.10 to 17.04. All of the shortcuts to file directories that I added on my vertical panel have disappeared. I cannot add them back. I cannot seem to add anything at all to my panels now either through the panel, or by dragging an icon onto it.

Are there settings that I am missing somewhere?

[quote=“Calis, post:1, topic:12995”]Are there settings that I am missing somewhere?[/quote]Have a look in:
Control Panel -> MATE Tweak
Control Panel -> Windows

Personally, I would suggest simply forcing the issue and switching back and forth between several panel layouts in MATE Tweak. What probably happened is that between 16.10 and 17.04 something crucial changed in the panel layout you were using. Switching back and forth might jostle something.

Well, I tried that without thinking about it much. I lost everything that I had customized and it all went back to stock, and I still can’t add anything to my left panel :frowning:

Can you add items to a newly created panel?

Nope. I tried to add a new panel and add things to it, no dice.

Sounds like a bug to me then.

Maybe you should create a bug report?

hey- i am curious, is your computer has newer intel 7th generation? is it PC, not laptop, correct?

[quote=“Calis, post:5, topic:12995, full:true”]Nope. I tried to add a new panel and add things to it, no dice.[/quote]If you can’t add/change anything to a stock configuration then something is definitely off. I’m going to go out on a limb here and assume it’s permission related, somehow.

How to go from there, not sure. Something might’ve broken in the upgrade. All I have at this time is the suggestion to simply go with a fresh install of 17.04. Sometimes upgrades just break stuff. It happens.

Definitely report it as a bug though.