After upgrading to 23.04 caja-admin stopped to work

When i was on 22.10, i quite often used caja features as "open folder as admin" by right click, "edit as admin" etc. They seems to be provided by package caja-admin. After upgrading to 23.04 these features were gone. I installed caja-admin, but those functions did not appear. I checked if i need to enable some sort of extansion of caja, but in preferences all extensions are on.
Google suggested that problem could be that it needs pluma to have "edit as admin"; but the problem is that 1)i have pluma and 2)other funcions are missing as well. Do anyone know what happened?

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Welcome @monroth to the community!

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this feature however seems to work when i boot from live usb
hopefully there is something that can be done other than reinstalling system

Hi, @monroth :slight_smile:

I only have one machine with Ubuntu MATE 23.04 ("Lunar Lobster") which is an old HP Pavilion dv6 where I installed Ubuntu MATE 22.10 ("Kinetic Kudu") last year (2022) and that I recently upgraded to Ubuntu MATE 23.04

In the "Caja" file manager / file explorer in that computer, when I open the context menu (by right clicking on a folder or on a file), I do get the "Open as Administrator" option if I'm right clicking on a folder or the "Edit as Administrator" option if I'm right clicking on a file.

I've found the following discussion, that took place in 2018, in the Linux Mint forums, for the same problem: "[Solved] Open as Administrator in Caja - Linux Mint Forums" - - started by a user with nickname "raywoods". In that discussion, "raywoods" mentions that what ended solving the problem for him/her was to:

1 - Run the following command:

sudo apt install --reinstall caja-admin

2 - ... and then rebooting.

( Link to that message: )

So, @monroth, I suggest that you try the same approach and see if it also solves the problem for you (and please reply back to say if it did work for you or not).

I hope this helps :slight_smile: