Alias does not work


I can not understand why this does not work ?

 alias tt='gio trash'


place it in your .bashrc and then open a new terminal, it will work.


I had this in .bash_aliases in middle of file.

  export PS1="\u\h_\w\\$ "

When I moved it to the top, the alias started working.
I am not sure what it does.


There are many ways you can define aliases. Read the .bashrc, there is a section about aliases.

the export PS1 sets your bash shell prompt to \u user \h host \w current dir and a $ sign and a space.

in my case, [email protected]:~$


Looks like it doesn’t show my host.



you’re missing the @ symbol … it should be, \[email protected]\h_\w$
this reads, user at host underscore working dir dollar sign