Alt-tab preview w/ Compton

I switched to Marco+Compton to avoid screen tearing. The problem is that now the application switcher menu (Alt+Tab) shows only icons instead of window previews.
Is there a way to show previews instead with Compton?

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If you want window previews with the application switcher, you need to use compiz instead of compton as you compositor

Is there no any way to get thumbnails in Alt-Tab with Compton? Marco with Adaptive compositor does display thumbnails, but with this combination there is annoying top panel flickering whenever I hover the mouse cursor over either the top or bottom panel. So I cannot use it. I also cannot use Compiz because when I try to switch to Compiz my screen just goes black. This is probably because my graphics card is too old :frowning: and there is no driver available in 18.04 for it (I have a Nvidia Quadro FX-1100). Nvidia provides a driver for that card and I was using that driver in my old system (Ubuntu 10.04), but I didn't succeed in installing it in 18.04.
So I'm stuck to Marco with Compton. Is there any way to get thumbnails in Alt-Tab with this combination?

Not as far as I am aware, I am afraid. I use Compton myself due to what I consider as Compiz's bloatedness and unreliability

Hi Raj! So many months passed and I hope you have solved the problem. If you haven't, you can check this solution. I have tried it and the browser works well without the tearing problem. So you can stick with Macro with Adaptive.

The top panel flickering issue has nothing to do with Firefox, so that's not a solution for me.
The best would be to have a working Nvidia driver for my graphic card :slight_smile: