Alternative web browser to Firefox for Mac PPC

Firefox 46 is broken for the Mac PPC in Mate 16.04. What other browsers are available? What are the package names for installation via terminal and apt-get?

Midori loaded and seems to work. Is there any downside to Midori?

Qupzilla is worth a try, although the version in the archive uses the unsupported qtwebkit.

Why don’t you just install the last working version of Firefox? That will be more up to date than Midori/quipzilla/etc

I would like to do that. What package name do I use in terminal with apt-get?

For me the downside would be security support on the LTS. Midori from the repos is maybe already too old and you will not get any updates for it on Ubuntu unless you install it from a PPA or from their website, a .deb file.

If you do not have the latest version of Firefox on your system, you just need to update it and from the command line it would be:

sudo apt update

and then

sudo apt dist-upgrade

The latest version of Firefox is the problem. It crashes. The older version did not but I do not know how to downgrade to the older version.

You need to download 45 directly from launchpad. So the main powerpc deb is this one with further debs here


sudo dpkg -i package-name.deb


sudo dpkg -i *.deb

if you need to install multiple debs together to satisfy dependencies.

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Thanks. Firefox 45.0.2 is working on my Mac PPC.

Firefox 47 works perfectly on my fresh install of Ubuntu mate 16.04.1 on a Mac G5 PPC. If “the latest version” (what exactly does that mean) crashes on your box I think it is not a problem of neither Mate nor Firefox.

In my case v. 47 was already on the installation-DVD I downloaded about a week ago. Otherwise for installation either I) use Synaptic and search for Firefox (make sure you only select the language packages you really want) or ii) sudo apt-get install firefox in the terminal.

That was the latest version on June 1 (it was Firefox 46). It had been distributed with some sort of fatal flaw that was corrected in Firefox 47. Firefox 47 runs without a hitch on my PPC.