Alternatives to Microsoft Skype in the Software Boutique

Tell us all how to instal it & we’ll stand over the monitor & have a look at it for you.

You say: “Tell us all how to instal it & we’ll stand over the monitor & have a look at it for you.”

Simply went by the Software Boutique, installed and then input my Viber number and password - is all.
What did you mean except that ?
It installed and access to my account is all OK. It is just the window size that simply results in the writing space at the bottom not being visible.

I just use discord. They’re currently working on video chat IIRC.

Discord or others like that are of no use to those in need of calling cell or landlines. Skype does that. Viber does that.
And the problem I outlined had nothing to do with choosing an alternative, but simply that the Viber window size appears to be oversized… resulting in the writing space at the bottom not being visible (hence writable)
I just need someone to tell me how the window can be adjusted (and minimizing doesn’t do the trick)

@Watford Sometimes on laptop screens, one can’t confirm an action or finalize a selection because the OK button is not visible - typically on monitors such as 1366x768. With the dialog box (or window) being open and active, press Alt and F7 - the pointer changes to a hand and you are able to move the window up so you can see (and click on) the OK button.

Also holding down Alt then left-click will enable the same ability. Let us know if this is of some help.

Yes it works. Thanks
Didn’t know that trick…after all these years. Simply because some software do provide for the windows to navigate across the screen sides, I guess.
Thanks again. It’ll do for now.
But this is only a ‘work-around’ though. Making the Viber screen smaller would be the real thing (as it was before, in fact…)


No need of installation, there is also the Skype web version:

This is the link for the new install version:
Replace /en/ with the abbreviation of the language you need

Unfortunately, the trick skype –dbpath=~/.Skype2 to launch the 2nd Skype account does not work anymore.
In this way you could access two different accounts without having to log out of an account and then log on with the other.
The hidden folder is no longer .skype in the home, but it is called skypeforlinux in .config and the arrangement of folders and files seems to have completely changed.

I saw here that you can give the command

skypeforlinux --secondary

opens a second skype connected to the same account, but you must disconnect and enter with the other.

The next time when you start Skype again, you enter the last connected account but there is no way to remind the two accounts at the same time.
I tried to reassemble the command
skypeforlinux %U --dbpath ~/.config/skypeforlinux2
I previously created the skypeforlinux2 folder in .config but it does not work, the account is the same of the first one.

If anybody succeeds or finds more links, let us know!

Mary why all this explanation about Skype, when the purpose of this thread is about ALTERNATIVES to Skype…??? Anybody here paid to promote MS new found love for Linux flavours ?
Most of my friends and business relations are walking away from Skype, i.e. using it the less they can. And end up all over the place. Viber seems to get some consensus though, simply because one can phone cell and landlines with it too.
MS has done very bad with Skype and got rid of functionalities that were making it great…in a previous life. A product that was doing the job. It is still around my electronics on a transitional status. Not by choice.

Hallo Watford,
If there is other software that competes with Skype is better!
I’m not even paid for advertising to Skype, but with Viber can I talk to who has a Skype account?

Anyway, it’s one of the most used and I’m not interested in controversy against Microsoft.
If you don’t like it, don’t use it.

Since Kal wrote:

I answered:

There is no need to install and this could be an alternative solution and nothing prevents from installing also Viber.
Then I added other information, and I admit it, maybe a bit redundant.
I’m sorry, but it is not you that tell me what to write or not.

Sorry Mary. Didn’t want to be perceived as ranting. My bad English, I guess.

OK thank you.
So I will also try viber …
In fact I wrote that with Skype I was able to access two accounts without disconnecting one or the other.
Now I can not do it anymore.

I use " WIRE" better than skype :slight_smile:

Is it too late to mention about Google Voice?