Alternatives to Microsoft Skype in the Software Boutique

According to Microsoft a Skype Beta must be used: “You must upgrade to the latest beta version of Skype for Linux.” Skype 4.3 is getting retired. (I’m on Ubuntu Mate 16.04 LTS )

Is there a plan to offer an alternative to Skype in the Software Boutique? Years ago, I’ve installed Skype once on my own and while going through the dependencies for quite some time, I learned I should install software only by using the Software Boutique.

So I guess my question is: Is there a way to support casual users in escaping Microsoft by offering a Skype alternative in the Software Boutique?



It’s in the sofware boutique


hmm… I totally missed this! I went through the list before posting this. It says “Alternative to WhatsApp” and I wasn’t aware WhatsApp offered VOIP services as well. I guess “Alternative to WhatsApp, Skype” would have been idiot-proof.

Thanks a lot! I’ll give it a try!

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At the moment i am using Skype for video calling.
For instant messaging i am using Telegram since a couple of years and i can’t wait they update their system with video calling. Then i will uninstall skype.
But at the moment Telegram for linux is not ready for video calling.

You can simply download telegram from their official website. After unpacking it into your folder of choise you can use it.

If you have a gmail account video conferencing is included. Being browser based it’s platform independent, nothing to download or install for Ubuntu Mate.


If you go for browser based stuff you can also use and no google or any acount required.


Because of the many people I deal with and in many countries, I do use WhatsApp, IMO (on phone), Viber and Wire… one has to adapt.
The ONLY reason that prevent me walking away from Skype is that you can call regular phone lines with Skype. Do you know of an Ubuntu friendly alternative ?

Awesome, “FaceTime” without Apple. :+1:


Discord is going to have video support soon, but it’s a damn shame they don’t have a repo one could add.


I’ll be replacing Skype with wire. :slight_smile:

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@tiox, could you explain what you mean about a repo?

You can see for alternatives in this link. :arrow_down:

A good alternative to Skype is Telegram and I think it’s avaiable in Software Boutique. Give it a try… :blush:

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Repository. Specifically I mean one with a Debian package decompressed, like Launchpad or a private Debian archive one can add with apt-add-repository.

@toix, so you’re talking about adding a repo for videos? or are you talking about having skype/facetime apps? Obverously me are confoozed. :thinking:

No, Discord is the recent alternative to Skype and TeamSpeak that cropped up. Made a little guide about installing BetterDiscord for desktop, because the process of adding that into Discord isn’t quite as seamless outside of Windows.

About the service; It’s especially made for gamers, with an emphasis on ease-of-use, light use of system resources (dubious) and integration with other services. Generic-sounding on paper, interacts with the user much like a misguided youth, has a fairly decent UI and relatively deep community management features allowing users to be sorted by “Roles” with powers to those roles, and the use of other services via bots in public chats.

It’s pretty alright, but it doesn’t have video support at the moment. Might end up seeing it on some game / tech based talk show on TV if they ever figure out the video support stuff; they’ve been doing stuff to the UI as of recent to add that feature.

Hi Guys, I use Telegram to chat, now also have calls for PC, Android has video calls, I suppose that eventually will incorporate the PC too.

But there is an APP that has video calls and is open source, which seems to be good, is multiplatform for PC and mobile phones, is called RING

Take a look


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Viber may be an option for those in need of calling cell or landlines

Jitsi :point_right: :point_right:


My love for Skype lessens - and rarely involves following omg-ubuntu articles.

I installed the Linux version of Viber… but the thing is… the Viber windows shows as too large for the screen and the characters also. Just like is it were all magnified.
One of you have a solution to this ?