Ambiant-MATE Dark theme


Here is a glimpse of the new Ambiant-MATE Dark theme that will debut in Ubuntu MATE 17.04


Nice Theme!

Will be there a backport to UM 16.04?

Thanks Atreju


I’ve been using it since it was added and it’s very good. Some of the text in light colored menu boxes in firefox can still be a bit difficult to see but nowhere near as badly as it was in BlackMATE. It’s great to have a dark theme that parallels the default Ambiant look. Awesome job!

Edit: I’ve also noticed the text cursor when creating/renaming files and folders in caja is virtually invisible.


No, this won’t be back ported.


Where is the archive -repo for Ambiant-MATE Dark theme ?

and cheers for the right stuff.


This is where the development happens -


From the perspective of someone with a visual impairment, I wanted to send you a huge thanks for adding this theme. It’s close to perfect in terms of depth of contrast and darkness levels. Keep up the great work!


Well that is fantastic to hear and an unexpected bonus. I didn’t think such a dark theme would have that application. Great to hear it works for you :slight_smile:


In terms of accessibility, dark themes are pretty much essential for some types of visual impairment, more so the ability to choose and customise palettes. If a theme’s done well, like this one, there’s no need to do so. I moved away from Windows for my workflow after the fiasco of Windows 8 because of that, and while they’re improving, they have a lot to learn from Linux desktop-environments. (Blazing white backgrounds with pastel shades aren’t functional for many people who’re visually impaired, but at the same time high-contrast doesn’t always need to be black and white.)

Mate (and to a lesser extent Plasma) have been my go-to platforms for a while now, - your work is appreciated by many in my situation I’m sure, and we’ll continue to donate to support tools that help us be more functional. :slight_smile:


Anyone know of fix for gray text in search box under Firefox, fine on Chrome?


That’s really unfortunate. I really wish I could use this theme on my primary machine (which has to run LTS).


I do not run 17.04 yet but in 16.04 there are some problems as always with dark themes.

Till Ubuntu tried to force me one day to use Unity I used to install Ubuntu Satanic Edition Themes. I do not know if they work under MATE but they were almost perfectly debugged. It is really a pity that that project died.