AMDGPU-PRO for 16.04?

Does someone have info to share about the new proprietary AMD driver? Will it be available for UM 16.04? I mean available from additional drivers?

I’m using it at the moment, not sure of the version. It seemed to take a long time to install. There is no GUI like Catalyst.
I get tearing with the Mate password screen, slow FPS on my steam games, some even now still don’t work for various (usually GPU) reasons.
Interesting to note the updates from the 18/19th November weekend, told me to remove the AMDGPU-PRO so it could update, saying it was unauthorised software, this is very worrying and I’m afraid it is just another nail in the Ubuntu coffin.
I already have to put up with the wired network disappearing randomly, the printer not being recognised until I reboot the desktop - even after printing perfectly fine minutes before,. To find that Software Update actually tells me to remove software that is needed s not funny.
Sorry gone off topic a bit. Yes I use, it, it will pass, don’t expect mind blowing FPS or all the free/paid Linux games on Steam to work.
Here is the link–Release-Notes.aspx

Me - I’m using an A8 7600

Thank you for the info and the link.

Not having a GUI is disappointing. Maybe in Ubuntu 18.04 it will match the GUI features of Catalyst in Ubuntu 14.04.

Are you sure the A8 7600 is supported by AMDGPU-PRO? There are just a few cards (high-end) on the current list.

Its an R7 200 series, which I take means that it will run ok on anything starting R7 2nn
I might just be very lucky but it does seem to work for me despite some hangups over quality & fps.

One thing to note, the generic driver on the latest 16.04 will not support War Thunder, Adventure Capitalist, Team Fortress, Empire total War amongst others but the AMDGPU-PRO does.

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You need to do 3 things. First install padoka video drivers, if you have video tearing go to and you will have a guide there for it and the if you want gui setings for the video card again you will find a app on the same site. Sorry but i am on the phone and there are a lot of steps to do that’s why i am saying about that website

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