Antechdesigns Wallpapers



Hi Steve, there are a number of techniques used in each image, usually takes me an hour or more to complete one. To long to explain in a forum post. Its whats known as ‘the painterly effect’ there are different ways to achieve the effect.

Without sounding rude, there are lots of YouTube videos on this effect, I just follow one I like the look of, then apply my twist to it, everybody has a different style to what looks good to them. I also use bog standard Photoshop, no plugins and maybe install a few brushes to add back some details that get lost in the process. I also have a graphics tablet which helps a lot, but can be achieved with a mouse, if you have a steady hand :slight_smile:

Hope this helps and thanks for your interest :slight_smile:











But what does it say?

(Alright I’ll see myself out now.)


What does “antech” mean, then ?


okay.... been having a go at the "oilify" filter in gimp

It aint coming out like yours yet Antech....hahahaha


ant = my name
tech = i used to be a PC Builder / Repair
designs = i love all sorts of art and design and like to create it, when feeling creative.


wow, good effort Ste, not to shabby, it actually looks painted on canvas :slight_smile:
Not familiar with gimps tools, but what about using a smudge, blend, mixer brush to soften the edges. might be a bit tedious though unless you have a gfx tablet?


Okay - but it seems you are missing a ‘t’.

I thought it was the irish ‘an’ which means ‘of’ in english.

i.e. Of Tech Designs.

they all look very ‘amiga-esk’ to me.

be nice if you could make a PPA for all-of-them you do ?

Either way - good luck with your linuxjourney :wink:


I agree; a PPA of your wallpapers that is occasionally updated would be nice. But it seems like too much work for something which lacks the same legacy as default wallpapers.


Hi Ste, did you end up doing anymore to it?


Hi Antech.

No, not had the time mate…:slight_smile:


Ante, you must have a lot of processor power and an excellent camera. Not to mention a steady hand.
I played with GIMP and it's not so easy. Having a good quality image to begin with makes plenty of difference.