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Made some new 16*9 Wallpapers for my new install, thought i'd share them.

Ubuntu MATE Reflected

Ubuntu MATE Noise

Ubuntu MATE Sunset


I really like all three of those. I mean that. Maybe it’s just me but I think they are outstanding. Especially the green one

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Actually I love the dark one. I have just installed it as my wallpaper…:grinning:


Those are just brilliant.
If you’re up to some modding I think the water based ones would be even cooler if the “ubuntu MATE” was slightly higher on the water, so there’s a gap between the text and the reflexion, and I think the Noise one would benefit from some light blur edge around the “ubuntu”, for contrast.
Btw if you licence them CC-BY-SA I’d really like to see them in the next release. <3


Thanks Steve, Much appreciated.

Thanks ouro, I will see what I can do.

Ubuntu MATE monochrome


Ubuntu MATE Wet


View full size for better quality - Ratio: 16*9 One with logo one without.




Hey, remember we’re very accepting of XCF files. I recommend for the more complicated wallpapers where they can be various options to tweak and mod and such, that you leave the door open to people who want more control over the product they end up with from your work.

You can upload compressed XCFs in your forum post, or upload it somewhere for people to fetch. While I do frown upon it because of how complicated and tedious it is for new users of the service, gives you fifty gigabytes for free, so you should have no trouble hosting your work there.


So yeah, I'm a big fan.
You managed to kick out my previous wallpaper.

By the way thank you the devs for the "Folder Color" feature, that was really handy.


Very nice desk, with orange folders makes good contrast.

Thanks for the info tiox, not sure whether Photoshop supports them, will have to do some research into it. Yes I still use Photoshop, too lazy to learn gimp are whatever else supports xcf.

Looks great ouro thank you :wink: I agree with Josele, complimentary colors an all that :wink:

Gimp allows PSDs. You can upload them and GIMP users will be able to use them just fine.

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I’ll just qualify that a bit. I am a teacher and am forced to teach my graphics units with Adobe graphic products. So I am dealing with PSD files a lot at work. I often take stuff home to mark and, for the most part, PSD files will open and display unproblematically in Gimp. But, things like mask-clipping, for example, simply will not display properly in Gimp. There are also a one or two other anomalies that are present.

However, as I said, it is true to say that most PSD files most of the time will open unproblematically in Gimp

Ouch. Maybe somebody with intimate knowledge of how the mask clipping work can improve whatever scripts are used to open PSD files and make a patch to resolve the mask clipping render issue.


Amazing wallpapers! using carbon-wood ubuntu and looks great

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thanks Pablo, if you have a look here gnome-look i have some more carbon ones :wink:

Just wanted to say thanks for this one. All of them are nice but this one just caught my idea for a great desktop to look at

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