Any decent tablet GUIs? Help a noob jump into the deep end

Hi, I have a raspberry pi 3, a 7" touchscreen, and some other goodies on the way so I can build myself a tablet for fun. I would like to use Mate as my OS, but I’m wondering if there is anything I can grab from a repository or the web to make the interface look more like something you would find on a tablet. It would be nice if I can get something that’s almost bug-free, as I intend to use it regularly just because. I would be elated if I could install something that gives me the ability to switch freely between tablet mode and regular desktop mode, but I won’t cry if that isn’t a possibility at this point in time.

Sorry if I’m asking dumb questions – google yielded no good results and I’m a little sick of reading and searching at the moment.


I’m not sure there is a way at the moment… scaling up the interface would help but - don’t quote me on this - I read MATE Desktop would need to be fully ported to GTK3 for a real solution :sweat:

An official member of the Ubuntu MATE team could answer you better than I though.

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