Any ideas how to rename "Uncategorized" category?

I am not sure if @wolfman referred to the Uncategorized category in this forum or suggested an entirely new one a while back. In any case, I feel that we can come up with a more creative name for the Uncategorized cat. :grinning:

Coffee Shop is a good start.
Miscellaneous may be good too.
How about General Linux & Open Source?
Why not MATE Bar?

I’m not sure we need a new name.
Ungategorized is pretty much to-the-point already.

MISC maybe?

I think of it as the dumping ground, the odd box.

Odds and Ends

Would be a nice name.

There’s the most obvious “Everything else”…

But as @ouroumov said, I don’t think it’s in need of a new name.

I partially ignore the uncategorized section because it doesn’t invite me to look. Some may view it as derisive; “A topic isn’t on-point so why bother?” when really, it might be the opposite, but not on any of the points of interest for this forum.

I mean, I peek every so often but it still doesn’t feel inviting, and the grey colour, while fitting isn’t welcoming either. But I can see why brown wasn’t chosen because nobody wants to see crap topics. :stuck_out_tongue:

How about, maybe, just maybe, we use various shades of the green used in the site header for both uncat and meta? That would also make it more inviting for visitors to look through.

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This is exactly the problem. I think many topics discussed here are actually very valuable. A change of name and color will make it more inviting and bring it on par with the other categories. I would even prefer calling it "the dumping ground" over "uncategorized". :grinning:

That sounds better than Uncategorized

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That might be more suited to a garbage bin full of not-so-good topics from around the forum, lol