Any Mate modern theme?


Why Mate doesn’t have any modern and satifying theme ? I tried many themes but no one is compact modern and fully compatible with all mate apps !


try Adapta or Numix-Frost from Antegros with Papirus icons


I tried both, but they are not compatible with java apps because they show some really big Textbox, Combobox and big toolbar icons, and everytime I found some problems in other apps, it makes me really sad to see a great distribution without any good built in and modern theme.
The only themes that dispay perfectly all apps is radiant or ambiant but they are really from stone ages and need rework to be more modern.


Just a thought - have you looked into Manjaro Mate? The new release uses Matcha and also comes with the lovely Adapta themes pre-installed and Papirus icons selected as default. Much prettier and modern-looking imo.


Another modern theme that display perfectly all apps: materia
It’s in the repository: sudo apt install materia-gtk-theme
There are light, dark, lighter, darker:


Too much big comboboxes and buttons and checkboxes


From themes, select materia-compact