Any Mate modern theme?

Why Mate doesn’t have any modern and satifying theme ? I tried many themes but no one is compact modern and fully compatible with all mate apps !

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try Adapta or Numix-Frost from Antegros with Papirus icons

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I tried both, but they are not compatible with java apps because they show some really big Textbox, Combobox and big toolbar icons, and everytime I found some problems in other apps, it makes me really sad to see a great distribution without any good built in and modern theme.
The only themes that dispay perfectly all apps is radiant or ambiant but they are really from stone ages and need rework to be more modern.

Just a thought - have you looked into Manjaro Mate? The new release uses Matcha and also comes with the lovely Adapta themes pre-installed and Papirus icons selected as default. Much prettier and modern-looking imo.

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Another modern theme that display perfectly all apps: materia
It's in the repository: sudo apt install materia-gtk-theme
There are light, dark, lighter, darker:

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Too much big comboboxes and buttons and checkboxes

From themes, select materia-compact

Try mine!

@codic Your theme suffers from the same "Too big" issue OP mentioned earlier. However for those who want to check it out I made an icon set to go with MateriaV2 (and Mint-Y titlebars) if you want to check it out;

If all he is seeking is a decent "Modern-looking" GTK theme, and if his definition of "Modern" includes dark, then Adwaita Dark's good choice, from here:

An aside: Modern sadly these days means flat. But since every company is doing it, and design conventions that would had given kids an F previously are helping them pass with flying colours today I figured there's no use in fighting it.

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I like your suggestion. I'll try it!

@tiox... Yes, I believe this is a Java issue (although do you have any proof that it dosen't work? :smiley: ) Anyways, try different Java themes (search up "how to make java apps use gtk theme" on Google ) and when you find one that works, use that.
This could also be a Materia issue.
If you're talking about @Med_Medin's post on the other hand, it dosen't run into the same issue - that was the materia theme, but I was using materia-compact as my base, so it's more compact - compare @Philippe's screenshot to mine on my site (of gtk3-widget-factory)

@tiox @codic The problem is that the Eclipse Foundation supports only adwaita theme on all linux distributions; and because SWT uses the native components provided by the OS, so they also use the given theme used by desktop manager, not like SWING or JavaFX which creates and runs their own UIs and look exacly on every OS.
The real problem is that all MATE themes are not build upon Adwaita which is not supported and even if it's installed it looks ugly and inconsistent.

Oh OK, I see :wink: I based mine on materia-compact, so that's why. I use SWING apps, and they can follow the gtk theme perfectly: (also works for MATE/XFCE/GNOME...)

Wait, why is thiss a problem again? Help us, the community understand this more technically. I've never encountered this issue and I'd like to know more about it.

Because Eclipse IDE (the most free/open source and popular IDE in the world) uses a library called Standard widget Toolkit (SWT) which rely on native components provided by the OS to create the UI and for now it uses the GTK3 library on Linux distributions. I filed many bugs to them about how Eclipse looks ugly and inconsistent using Mate themes, but their response insisted they don't support any GTK theme other than the one called Adwaita which comes precisely with Ubuntu distribution (GNOME3), because it's the official one supported by Canonical.
And the most frustrating problem is the dark mode supplied by Eclipse, because on GNOME3 it looks perfectly good but on MATE it's ugly and not appealing to work with everyday.
This is small comparaison of how Eclipse look in dark mode in both desktop managers:

And I have many other cases where MATE themes look really ugly on Eclipse, the real problem is that MATE doesn't have any Adwaita theme like GNOME3 which can projects the modifications done by Eclipse team to evolve Eclipse IDE and make it usable and beautiful.

I see! You can use Adwaita on Mate, so why don't you do that? Also, I recommend switching to Visual Studio Code or VSCodium - they're WAY better.

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No you are wrong, in all companies that worked within no one uses VSCode for big projects, because Eclipse IDE handles Java and JEE/JakartaEE libraries very well with Maven and Gradle, there is no IDE that beats Eclipse which is an enterprise level powerful IDE.
Eclipse has many features that those Javascript based IDEs will never achieve, and you will taste its power when you work with big projects that has many many external jar libraries then you have to wait for more than 15min for VSCode to open and link all your files and consumes more than 2GB of RAM, but with Eclipse it's fast, stable and really memory efficient.

For your suggestion to use Adwaita, there's no current version of Adwaita that supports MATE, I tried many Adwaita variant on internet but they all mess with MATE apps and never achieve consistence.

@Med_Medin, @codic:
Woah woah woah! Hold on a second! Everyone knows that vim is the most powerful IDE. :smiley:

To be honest, though, in most companies I've worked with, hardly anyone uses Eclipse, VSCode being far more popular in the last couple of years. IntelliJ is probably even more popular than VSCode among the projects I've been involved with.

Now, this is all annecdotal, of course, but that has been my experience. I myself have been using either Geany or vim for literally more than a decade in projects of all sizes you can imagine (from small personal projects to large enterprise with hundreds of developers). I'm the odd man out, though...

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It should be possible to force Adwaita (assuming installed) to be the theme for a specific application (Eclipse) simply by editing it's launcher and adding an environment variable:

env GTK_THEME="Adwaita:light" eclipse
env GTK_THEME="Adwaita:dark" eclipse

I speak only for Java language and especially for projects related to Spring, JSF, JavaFX. I used VSCode but only as regular editor to modify some single JavaScript files and not for managing the whole project, because I found it very weak for debugging, refactoring and doesn't have the most features I'm used to with Eclipse which has tons of plugins to choose from. And sometimes some projects impose using specific IDE, office suite and tools to insure the continuity of project anywhere in the future.
But for me VSCode is still an editor and not yet full IDE.

In fact I'm ashamed to never used vim :laughing: because I always install nano on my test servers and found it more easy and simple to use.