Any way to scale display on hiDPI devices?

Does anyone know of a hidden scale control to make MATE look good on hiDPI screens.

Is there any easy way to scale the display in Ubuntu MATE? I can’t find a way of enlarging the Windows just the Fonts.
It seems that the display dialogue is missing a scale control…
Or am I missing something?

I have installed Ubunti MATE 15.10 in VirtualBox on my Surface Pro 4 and natively at 2736 X 1824 the GUI elements are far too small.

I think anything beyond the fonts will have to wait until the port to Gtk3.

OK I thanks for the info.
Much appreciated.

Is there a timescale for that port?

Try: Control Center > Appearance > Fonts > Details > Resolution ( DPI):

Hi Wolfman

Thanka again for the info.

Yes - I found that and bumped it up to increase text size, but it makes the GUI look bad as only the font change and not the other elements.

I guess as previous reply from fellow community member says, some extra development work is required ?

It’s a shame as I really want to use MATE on my Surface Pro 4 using VirtualBox but without the ability to adjust the who GUI to deal with hiDPI it feels more difficult to use.

I did (our of interest) try a different Ubunty flavour to see how it coped running on my Surface Pro 4. Ubuntu Gnome look OK as its tweak tool does exactly what’s needed to adjust the desktop for hiDPI.

I guess it’s just a matter of time before this gets resolved?

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It’s being looked at:

Hopefully once the LTS is out we will see more work on it.

Thanks again for the info.

I will watch for the news on this and the next LTS.