Anyone Else Having Issues With Wine? (Solved)

I just did a formatted install of 15.04 last night, and as usual, I installed WINE to compatibility shoot some of my older Windows programs. I obtained it via Software Centre, but had to force quit over a freeze to the software. Moments later, an error appeared. It stated issues with ttf-mscorefonts-installer . I tried setting up some software anyway, see how it would respond. Ran the exe installer to Fireworks 8, and it gave me a 1615 error. So removed and reinstalled. Then installed Synaptic, looked for the ttf-mscorefonts-installer, and manually did a reinstallation from there, and rebooted. It was unsuccessful. PlayOnLinux also gave me some troubles downloading packages to setup XP Pinball. So anything WINE related is just going nuts here. This is all software I know for certain works fine too.
Has anybody faced similar behaviour under 15.04?

Very occasionally, in all Linux distros (or, at least, the several I have used), wine will have a wobbly when installing. If that happens, the only solution I have found to work is to do an aggressive purge of all of wine from your system and then install again

Just purged it, and removed all directories/files.
Yet I get the same error… Wild.

I’m going to do a complete reinstall on my laptop from 14.04 32 bit to 15.04 32 bit this weekend. I’ll report here if I encounter any issues with wine.

Alright. Good luck.
I’m going to try the latest developer build of Wine. Maybe there’s complication with the previous stable version on the new Ubuntu base.
RE-Update: Updating to the latest 1.7 release did in fact solve the problem. Just add in the following PPA -
Then sudo apt-get install wine1.7

That’s Brilliant Ryan. Glad to hear you sorted it.

Even better news. My games are getting smoother frames too :relaxed:
PlayOnLinux is still troublesome,but I don’t ever use it anyway. I configure all my bottles manually.

Same here, it’s a bit more effort in the short run, but pays dividends in the long run.

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