Anyone here using a GPD P2 Max?

I got Ubuntu Mate 20.04.2 installed and working on my GPD P2 Max. Mate is not the best desktop for a touchscreen, so I installed Ubuntu Desktop (IE: Gnome Session and Gnome 3). Then I discovered that the kernel cannot be upgraded without losing the touchscreen capability, when I tried to upgrade to 20.10. Now I am having to reinstall 20.04.2. Anyone know of a way to get a newer kernel working with the touchscreen?

I am also wondering why the developers of the GPD P2 Max (and the other related devices) decided to semi-officially support Ubuntu Mate and not Ubuntu itself? Gnome 3 really is a much better user interface for a small touchscreen device.

Agree with you about that UM is not coming with a great touch screen support xD

I got one touch device a bit bigger than yours and made a guide how to make good usage of touch screen inside here :slight_smile: : ( for touch geastures, orientation, ...)

About your touchscreen that do not work after kernel upgrade, I think, you just need to compile the driver of the touchscreen again - Got same issue with my broadcom wifi & bluetooth combo card - need to manually action after each kernel upgrade.

P.S Dreaming to have same device as you :slight_smile:

I appreciate the reply. I don't know how to compile the kernel driver for the touchscreen because I don't know where to get the kernel source for it.

Digging a bit I found that :

What BIOS version do you use ?

I am using BIOS version 0.24.

The problem isn't the BIOS version that I am using, which is the very latest version, I updated the BIOS and all Windows drivers to the very latest versions when I got it. The problem is that the Linux touchscreen driver is compiled for a certain kernel version, and needs to be recompiled for a kernel update, and I do not know how to do that. mostly because I do not know where to get the touchscreen kernel drivers.