Anyone know of a program for Visual Basic under Ubuntu?

There are programs out there for Ubuntu/Linux systems which emulate and/or can work with Microsoft Office files, but does anyone know of a similar program which can work with and edit Microsoft Visual Basic.

My son is learning about coding and programming at college and asked me if he could write/compile Visual Basic programs/scripts on his Raspberry Pi which is running Ubuntu.

Anyone know if such a program is available?

Thanks in advance.


There are programs that can write/compile Visual Basic code, like Mono Develop, which can be installed through the terminal or Software Center with the following command:

sudo apt-get install monodevelop

There are other programs like Visual Studio Code, but I haven’t tried it. I don’t think it’s available for the ARM architecture either (which is what the Raspberry Pi’s processor is).

That said, it will depend on what your son is making. If it’s a Windows Forms (GUI) application, then you will lack the functionality to edit the form (just the code) and as a result, it may not be suitable for your son’s studies. My college uses Visual Studio 2010 and I didn’t find a suitable “replacement” for Linux, so I resorted to a virtual machine running (sigh) Windows instead. :frowning: