Anyone using a Lenovo Legion Y740?

Anyone running UM on a Lenovo Legion Y740?

I'm thinking of ditching my older desktop in favor of using my newer (currently Windows only) Lenovo Legion Y740 with either a thunderbolt dock or a bunch of cables out the back, to drive my dual monitor setup.

I have tried to research this on the internet already and got the full spectrum of results including:

-- "Its not on the compatibility list, so its impossible " from a Lenovo employee on Lenovo's Community site

-- "Even though its not on the compatibility list, it should work fine with some adjustments. But since its not on the list, we can't say what those are." from a different Lenovo employee.

-- "It works fine, just a few things don't work" from a "guide" on how to put Ubuntu on the Y740. Doesn't mention what doesn't work though

and my personal favorite:
-- "Ubuntu bricked my laptop" Not sure how that's possible, but OK, if you say so.

Anyway, has anyone tried UM on this hardware, and if so, how's it working for you? Thanks!

That sounds quite familiar... :smiley:

IMHO running UM from live CD in trial mode without installation could highlight possible compatibility issues, could not it?