Anyone using AMD/APU?

I thing after ~10 years its time for a new build. I don’t need much for what I do. In fact I can still do all I need whit what I have. It’s just that DDR2 ram is getting expensive and I prefer to upgrade before what I have fails.

I put together this build that I’m going with. I chose that CPU because it out performs my entire machine at the moment. My only concern is how well the AMD drivers work. Although I’m not much of a gamer I do play a few games, nothing too intensive though.

So if there is anyone using AMD APU on laptop or desktop please let me know the quirks.

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I use one of the latest AMD cards with no problems at all. As soon as I have installed Ubuntu Mate, I go to system/preferences/additional drivers and install the proprietry drivers without any hitches.

I have a HP NX6325 laptop with an AMD chip and a Radeon graphics chip. I’ll have to waint until the new drive comes in before I can install UM and tell you if it works or not.

I haven’t used an AMD APU but I have run Ubuntu MATE on a
Mac Mini with an AMD 6630M discreet graphics card. I wish I could say that the
experience was flawless but I had a lot of problems. This is no small part
because that card was custom-built for Apple and is only loosely based on the
6630M you’ll find in your typical Sandy Bridge laptop.

For general desktop tasks, I actually find the open-source
drivers are better but that means no video or 3D acceleration. The proprietary
drivers provides more features but makes the system run too hot and unstable. I
had to use the ‘updates’ driver or X wouldn’t even load. Activating compiz
turned the screen into a kaleidoscope.

I’ve heard anecdotally that AMD/APUs are better supported
and given that products like the Fit-PC ship with them they must be okay. For
my money though, if I was building a new system and I wanted embedded graphics,
I’d go Intel all the way.