App install under Wine fails

In Ubuntu-MATE 16.04 I installed Wine but running a Windows application’s install file fails. This all worked fine in Ubuntu-MATE 15.10 so I am thinking something is different in Ubuntu 16.04 (don’t know if it is Ubuntu-MATE related or common to all variants of Ubuntu 16.04). Love Ubuntu-MATE, by the way! The version of Wine in 16.04 is the same as in 15.10 (wine-1.6.2).

The Error I get when running the install file is the download of isscript.msi (Install Shield) ends with and error “1621: Failed to verify signature of isscript.msi”. Is some Certificate file(s) missing in Ubuntu 16.04? It seems like the Install Shield software wont install in Wine.

The Windows application I am trying to install is Ancestral Quest version 14 which has worked just fine on previous Ubuntu distributions (I still have this on a Ubuntu-MATE 15.10 partition and it works fine).

Any ideas on how to resolve this? Ancestral Quest is the only MS Windows application i need working and like said it has never given me problems before on earlier Linux distributions.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @wagb278,

I don’t know about scripts but when I install Wine; I also install the package “winbind”, have you done the same?:

sudo apt-get install winbind

Wine 1.6 could be considered quite old (but considered stable by Ubuntu). Try the latest development builds of 1.9:

The other way could be to directly copy over your Wine prefix folder from the other partition to see if the application actually runs.

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Thanks for the replies. @lah7 - your idea to copy the old Ubuntu 15.10 .wine folder worked. I saved the one created when setting up Wine on Ubuntu 16.04 for safety, then copied the .wine folder from Ubuntu 15.10 and ran the install EXE for the desired Windows application, the Install Shield Wizard open and gave me the option to do a Repair of that application. Because all my files and data related to that application had already been copied to the same directory structure on Ubuntu 16.04 that Repair action worked and resulted in the application now works.

Thanks again.