App switcher border animation


MATE: 1.20.1 with Static Application Switcher.
Ubuntu: 18.04.1

I just updated two different laptops to 18.04 and they both have the same new behavior. Previously, when I hit ALT-tab the switcher would highlight the border of the selected window. I could cycle through multiple apps until the border of the window I wanted was highlighted. This was useful, say, when I had multiple xterm windows open. After the update there is no animation.

I’ve fiddled with all sorts of app switcher settings but can’t seem to get that behavior back. Is it gone or is there a way to get it back?


Are you using Marco or Compiz? If Marco, with or without compositing?


I am using Marco and I’ve tried with composting on and off. I’ve used mate-tweak to try using the three different compositors with Marco (none, adaptive, and compton). None seem to make a difference (I assume I don’t need to reboot after each change). I have not tried Compiz.


Yeah ok, I know what you’re talking about. I thought that bug was already fixed on 18.04, I currently run Marco directly from master and I don’t have the issue. We’ll probably have to find when this was fixed and back-port it to 1.20, assuming it’s not a local issue on your side.


Great, thanks Victor. Let me know if there’s something I can do to help test. It is amazing how a change so small can be so jarring. :slight_smile:


I also have this problem with a fresh install of 18.04.1. I’ve relied on the alt-tab window border highlighting for many years now so I very much would like this to be restored. Thanks, @vkareh!


I just discovered the DConf setting /org/mate/marco/general/show-tab-border which was set to false, so I set it to true, but the color of the border highlighting is black which is unusable for me against my tiled black-background terminal windows or other dark windows. In 16.04 and prior the color was white (or very light). Is there some reasonable way to change this color? With Marco using Adaptive or Compton GPU compositors, it shades the selected alt-tab’ed windows but with a dark shading (and still has the black border color) which is unusable.


Yeah, the white border was missing. We fixed that back in August, but i'm not sure if it will be included in the 18.04.2 release.

Here's the commit, for reference: