Apple wireless keyboard visible in Devices, but does not connect(Feb 2017)

My Bluetooth device(apple keyboard) is visible in my list of Bluetooth Devices, but it doesn’t connect! When I try to manually pair it I get an error message saying

‘Device added successfully, but failed to connect’
This has been asked several times before but there is a LOT of conflicting info on the correct solution for Ubuntu(in my case Ubuntu Mate 16.04).

Hence the reason for re-asking I am using an Asus BT400 Bluetooth dongle

Hi @art3mis,

I found this for you?:

If it’s anything like my Apple wireless keyboard (Model A1314), it’s a devil to pair with a new device. These instructions work for me, though:

The absolutely key part of that is holding in the power button during the entire process, from the moment you pop the batteries in until it’s successfully paired - that means while you’re trying to type in a pairing PIN, too. It’s absurdly difficult for what should be a simple process.

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