Applications Top Panel Empty - Panel Editor dosn't open

Hello there,

few days ago i wanted to modify the order of my Apps in the Application Top Bar. Suddenly all apps are gone. The window that i used to edit the Order of Apps does not open anymore and closes 0,1 sec after opening.

Now the Application list is just empty and i have to start my apps through the terminal which sucks.

How could i fix this Problem? Is there a config/xml file in the ubuntumate system that i could change manually to restore the apps?

Either rename or remove the hidden menu folder in your home directory.


To rename it using the terminal:

mv ~/.config/menus ~/.config/menus.old

and reboot

Also this may interest you:

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That worked. Thank you very much. Now i don’t have to play areound with ubuntu unity with the thought of switching os :smiley:

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