Are there any plans to make UbuntuMATE compatible with Wi-Fi Screen Mirroring?

There’s this one that I think every distribution is missing including the mighty Ubuntu, Screen Mirroring through Wi-Fi has been natively present on W1nd0ws since 8.1 version. And there’s something that neither the Gnome, nor the KDE has seem to have accomplished. I believe that integration with this sort of method would make UbuntuMATE gain an even greater advantage over the older bros, besides is one more differential point on the table.

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Can you sketch a little bit out how this could be implemented? Do you need a command-line option or a visual interface, etc?

@orschiro, have you never seen it used before?
When you get to a conference room and people can just activate a screen in their settings through the wifi without having to plug a cable in?
@Adhans, I think that this is something that will be implemented in standard Ubuntu first though, then trickle downstream.


@ouroumov, no. At our office, we still use VGA or HDMI to connect to a display. :smile:

But this sounds pretty amazing. I can see how this could be nicely integrated into the monitor preferences screen or maybe even directly integrated into network manager?

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