Are There Other colors and Varients for the Traditional/Submarine Themes?




I’m glad I finally made it here! The default themes that come with Ubuntu-Mate are amazing! The default wallpapers are quite nice as well. On most other distros I always feel the need to get additional ones. I’m in love with the Traditional and Submarine themes due to the old/retro feel however I was wondering if there are more colors available for these themes especially Purple my favorite color, and maybe a dark version/icon themes for them as well? Is there somewhere where these exist and if not could I make copies and edit the existing ones etc.?

I only found one other option on gnome look that reflects the old Ubuntu version.

Thanks for reading :slight_smile:


Sorry I can’t be more helpful, but I have nicked the modified versions of Clearlooks-Phenix from Devuan (dark purple) and Refracta (even darker, looks like dark grey) for use among other themes in MX Linux.

For the GTK3 themes in UM, you could try open their respective files and find all the colour codes to determine which one needs changing, i.e the window border and highlight colour, and unless I’m grossly mistaken, changing those to the colour you want should do the trick.