Ars Technica's review of Yakkety Yak

As for Xenial, a very small portion of the article is dedicated to Ubuntu MATE, still, of all the flavors, Ubuntu MATE is the only one to score a screenshot in that article. \o

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True; and though a smaller portion, we did get a whole section of praise - versus a tiny mention - like the rest of the non- Unity flavors. I like how the article made it a point to bring up the premise that we have the distro, here, that regular Ubuntu would be if Unity had never come along (and if the Gnome3 base would have completely stayed out of the main-flavor mix).

“Ubuntu MATE feels like what Ubuntu would have become if the Unity interface had never come along… it’s nice to know that if you don’t like Unity for some reason, you can still use Ubuntu just like you used to; they’ve merely added the word MATE to the name.” :joy: