Ask for password at login

During my latest installation of UM (20.04), I told it to log in automatically without asking for my password. I decided to change that so that my password is required. However, even though I set it for "Ask for password" in Users and Groups, it still signed me in automatically.

So poked around in /etc/lightdm to see if anything was going on with lightdm.conf. Sure enough, that file consisted of one entry:


which persisted no matter how I ticked the box. I just deleted /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf, and was asked for my password on my next boot.

I had the same issue when installing 18.04 a few years back. Deleting the lightdm.conf file did force the use of a password

Hi @sgage @jaybo,

there is a dedicated section in control center -- "Login Window". You can manage lightdm autologin there.

However, when I checked this option last time it completely ignored my "Ask for password" setting (user membership in nopasswdlogin group) too. A bug? :thinking:

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The bug has been there for at least three years