Asked about Partial Upgrade, but Never Wanted to Upgrade in First Place, 22.04.2

Hi. I usually run the Software Updater every morning; this morning I was told that the computer would have to do a partial upgrade. I definitely didn't want to do any kind of upgrade until 2025. I have 22.04.2. Would performing this upgrade put me on some interim release? What should I do?--I am always going to see the partial upgrade notification when running the software updater, even though I definitely don't want to upgrade. I also definitely don't want to keep seeing the notification about the upgrade being necessary. I've heard that OS upgrades are comparable to brain, heart, and lung transplants.

I think that is just caused by some packages that are held back or something along that lines you should be fine to just upgrade, it should just be normal system update, but I'm not positive, maybe someone else can say for sure

I'm close to turning off all updates on the theory of "if it ain't broke, don'fix it!"

20.04 broke my system multiple times with updates. 22.04 has not been as bad but stuff has crept in like losing file associations in Caja when viewing a remote SAMBA mounted drive after updates. Unfortunately I can't track when it happened, it used to work a few updates later it doesn't. An the checkbox on "open with" doesn't fix the association.

Android is a lost cause, they really need a Settings Button "Works fine as it is, don't F'k with it!"