Assign a different key for non-functional down arrow key

Hi Team,
The down arrow key on my Dell Vostro 2520 laptop is not functional. Hence, I would like to assign a different key to make it work. Kindly advise on this.


Hi :slight_smile:
You can use xdotool, lets install it :

sudo apt install xdotool

xdotool key "Down" will produce the event of a Down button press of your keyboard.

Next you can call it via a shortcut

Let's do it !

write a script file insie your /opt/ directory :

sudo nano /opt/

Input inside the file :

sleep 1
xdotool key "Down"

Note the sleep 1 is required , otherwise, you will send your shortcut to call the script and the script action at the same time that will produce a wrong shortcut.

Make the script executable :

sudo chmod +x /opt/

Configure a shortcut to call your script :
Ctrl + up will do the work :

Should be working :slight_smile:

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Thank you @olek. This may sound a little stupid, but can this be done without installing any software/tool ?

@santosh.kumar9757 I don't know of a way of doing this without installing a tool to help you do it. Unless, of course, you are a Linux developer! This post is on the Ask Ubuntu site and would apply to Ubuntu MATE as well as other flavors of Ubuntu. It might give you some additional options that you might want to look through. I'm partial to using the XKeyCaps solution.


xdotool is a really small but powerful software, you will not regret to have :slight_smile:
It can help you typing some text inside particular window ext ...

Previously, i was using it to optimize my remote desktop M$ Windows RDP over remmina, to paste inside remote powershell with out right mouse click ext ...

Once again, it's a tool you will not regret :slight_smile:

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Thank you @goinglinux for the solution.

Thank you @olek for the solution. Will definitely try it.
Actually this is my first post/query on the blog after I installed this distro in Feb 2019. Was a little sceptical regarding posting my queries here because I thought I won't get a reply soon. Hence, fixed a lot of the problems by my self with the help of Google like Bluetooth not working. But the community is just awesome because of you guys quick and easy solutions. Will post couple of queries tomorrow. Hope to receive the solutions for them as well.

YW :slight_smile:
This community is alive, reason why i have join :slight_smile:
Feel free to post things you want to share with other UM users, your questions, suggstions and software others will be interested about :slight_smile: