ASUS with ubuntu MATE, does it work well?

Hello. I installed ubuntu mate 15.10 to Oracle VM virtualbox couple of days ago. This is my first linux distro, and so far it seems very good. I wonder if my ASUS x550jx works well with ubuntu mate, I would like to know if anyone has installed ubuntu to this machine/similar asus laptop. In virtual box it runs well but im not sure does that mean it will work after true installation. I would love to dualboot my windows 10 but im not sure will it work well. The thing is i have only this pc, and a wireless network, so i would like to know wether or not ubuntu will work straight out of the box, with a functioning internetconnection. Im afraid that i will end up with laptop without internet connection to install possibly crucial drivers. I guess ubuntu mate will work in almost any modern pc but im still worried and want to be sure that everything will be fine. Thanks for help in advance!!

Hello :slight_smile:

I do not have an ASUS, but got a few hits here…

Its not uncommon to need drivers after an install. Question; why not just leave it in vBox? Your new to linux and this will give you access to both systems. Not to mention you will probably break it a few times till you get a understanding. Makes that snapshot feature in vBox real handy :slight_smile:

It seeems that ubuntu mate 15.04 work at least in live mode (havent installed it yet). However it required some tweaking of boot parameters/options, because i wasnt able to boot ubuntu (i could boot my usb, but after i clicked “try ubuntu mate…” it went to loading screen and froze.). I changed “quiet splash” to “nomodeset” and it managed to boot. Wifi works so far. Im not sure why i wasnt able to boot without this, perhaps asus just dont like linux. Now i will test ubuntu in live environment and see if I encounter any problems.

Nomodeset is just an option that many computers use and there are other such options.

I would not consider 15.04 a good way to go as it reached EOL a year ago.

Well im just testing, if and when i install ubuntu mate it will be 16.04 provided that it is stable enough. Its brand new so the stability might not be as high as it is for older versions. And its actually 15.10 not 15.04 as i said earlier.

The 16.04 final is due out in 4 days time (21st April 2016) and is already stable (imo, although I’m sure a bug or two might show up at some stage!), I have it on my 2 home PC’s!. :smiley:

Thats good news!! I’ll download it in friday I’ll have a lot of time then.

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