Attempting to make Windows look more like MATE


There was an attempt to make windows not so inferior. Ubuntu MATE is still the superior distro.

Would dual-boot if I could, but I would rather not mess with the warranty. but for now I’m stuck with this. I would use Windows subsystem for Linux if I can get MATE working on there. Any tips as to making windows more mate like?


If anything it is becoming more Apple like, with the leaning toward trying to make it only compatible with Windows apps, etc.
Example: Windows 10 latest update installed Windows Defender Security Suite, which takes over control of the firewall and makes any other anitvirus beside the Microsoft Defender not work correctly. At my company it has even rendered our back up servers and software almost useless on the W10 computers. I am still working on a solution to this.
My opinion: Get rid of Windows except on computers that you absolutely must have it on, and stay away from Windows 10 if at all possible.
If I had a W10 computer at home I would shrink the Windows volume to almost nothing and dual boot Ubuntu Mate.
At this point, even though I am dual booted (Original OS = Windows 7/ Ubuntu Mate) it has been over a year since I have logged into Windows, and only then to give a tutorial on PowerPoint to a student, who was mandated to use it for school.
Just saying…


You do bring up very good points, but I have a separate computer with win7 and ubuntu MATE, but I need windows software for at least 1 computer because I need windows software for software like vegas or photoshop reliably (I use gimp when I’m doing casual things_, and wine just does not do it for me. The moment I get a chance I’m dual booting. I never even thought of windows leaning towards apple, their ethics are kind of disgusting.


I keep a WIN7 on VirtualBox for those times I need to use software like TurboTax. Hopefully some of these Mac & Windows apps will have Linux versions in the future. For the USAA banking site, I need to make FireFox look like a Windows version to fully function. Makes no sense to me.


True, Wine is not, in my opinion, a dependable solution, though it is useful. I know there are times when you are forced to use Windows; the same for Apple. But those time are becoming fewer as time goes on.