Audio EQ - Compression / Build & Install

Could someone tell what I am missing here. I have not built a lot packages but when I have I usually have little problem following directions and most of the time I can trouble shoot my way out of a problem.

I’m trying to build the latest pulseeffects from (GitHub)

The Wiki has simple enough instructions and I think I have all the dependencies (GitHub Wiki)

I get zero errors when building it.

There is a .deb file of an older version that I have been using for some time now and it runs great and can be found here…

but I just reinstalled MATE on a new, smaller, ssd and wanted to upgrade everything including my old stale pulse audio with the new (not made for Ubuntu) pulseefects
I get nothing (no icons / no action like it is installing something)
Is there more to this that I might be missing?
am I the only one who can’t get this jumping?