Audio Fix For Gigabyte B550i Pro Ax Mobo

ALC 1220-VB is giving problems again. As is, you will get audio from the line-out jack but only for one side (no sound from right speaker). Here's a fix that I made;

  1. Install alsa-tools-gui

$ sudo apt install alsa-tools-gui

  1. Open hdajackretask (admin)

$ sudo hdajackretask

  1. Find Pink Mic Rear Side and click Override. see pic below

  2. Also, over to the right side under Options, click Advanced Override. Change these

  • Device category to Speaker
  • Channel (in group) category to Front
  • Channel group category to 3 (or 2 if you don't have subwoofer)

  1. Click Install Boot Override there should be a popup saying that you should reboot. Reboot and test the speakers.

Note: I tried to override the Line-In Jack but there was a lot popping. Mic jack is stable.


thank you so much!
have been searching for days for this fix.
just signed up to say thank you.
running am Gigabyte b450i with only 3 audio jacks (only one output) and ubuntu 20.04