Audio switching issue

I’m using 18.04. Does anyone know if there is an issue where switching audio output doesn’t work or is delayed for media in a browser?
I have a headset and PC speakers. When I have Chrome open and want to watch a video and switch from headset to PC speaker, and vice versa, it doesn’t take affect. Most of the time I have to close the browser and re-open for the change to take affect.
I remember this being an issue in 16.04 but I installed sound switcher ( and it solved the problem. I would do that again but I am trying to avoid installing software from PPAs going forward and that is the only way I know to install that software.

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See below for a link to the actual deb file

I use the above version and install with gdebi and have the deb stored locally for whenever I rewrite my system. After installing, I usually issue the following command (though, I am unsure if I need to but it does no harm):

sudo apt-mark hold indicator-sound-switcher

If you want to use a different version, all the debs are here:

have you tried installing"Pulse audio volume control" from Software Boutique ?

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@stevecook172001 thanks for the reply. That’s good information.

@Synaxis I haven’t. Does that fix the issue?

Pavucontrol helps with many sound related problems. In conjunction with the sound preferences icon in the panel (not sure what it is called) most of audio issues can be solved.

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This fixed my similar problem. Thanks!

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