Auto-logged out when installing or removing any snaps

I am having an odd issue and to be honest I am not even sure where to look (say log wise) for what is happening. I have experienced this same issue on Ubuntu Mate 17.10 and now (just playing with it) the nightly release of Ubuntu Mate 18.04 . The issue comes up installing or removing (just two tasks that I know of this happening with)… I just go to the command line and “snap install foo” or “snap install bar” I cant see what happens at the end, but the TASK SEEMS to be successful (install or removal).

THE PROBLEM is that everything shuts down/closes and i am back at the login screen again … I login … and seconds later I am yet again back at the login screen again … the only way to get past this is to reboot.

I dont want to spam my PC specs but basically a Dell Inspiron 5759 with 16GB of ram and an I7 processors (real specs or log files will be provided if asked)… everything seems to run fine say if i am installing a snap … the programs run without issue. I am just curious what in the world is going on.

Just a little update, I have more than one distro installed on this main rig I have… the Dell that is … I booted into an installed copy (updated of courses) of OpenSuse Tumbleweed and tried to install two snaps there … VLC and Filebot to be exact though I do not think it matters … I have not tried to remove them yet but they “installed” no problems what so ever. I do note I am using Cinnamon on Tumbleweed, since atm i am not even sure if the DE would make a difference.

just (until/unless I am asked to post logs or something) want to give as much info as I can …

one more update … I cant say this is “solved” so far, but I installed two snaps and removed one … no problem on Ubuntu Mate 18.04 … turns out I noticed/remembered “Popey” talk about the “Squash” file system and searching Synaptic i noticed “Squashfuse” WASN’T installed … I installed that (didn’t reboot/logout and login) … and it seems to have been what my issue was…

If there is some way to (not sure about different forums) mark this as “fixed” or “solved” I may do that and hopefully this helps anyone else with the issue I had, if it comes up

This still happens to me from time to time, but does NOT happen with every “snap install or snap removal” … still not sure what is triggering this issue. I have (just want to state the facts) tried snaps on KDE Neon (Ubuntu 16.04’s LTS base of course) and OpenSuse’s Tumbleweed on the same exact Dell and I haven’t seen this issue yet.