Autofcitx is not work in mate16.04

how to autostart fcitx?

When I installed the MATE16.04, the fcitx icon is not shown on the top bar.
So I need run "fcitx -d“ command in terminal on each boot.

My System Lang is Chinese.
I didn’t see the word “fcitx -d” in the fcitx-qimpanel-autostart file.

Below is content of /usr/share/fcitx-qimpanel/fcitx-qimpanel-autostart


# sleep for a little while to avoid duplicate startup
sleep 3

# Test whether fcitx is running correctly with dbus...
fcitx-remote > /dev/null 2>&1

if [ $? = "1" ]; then
    echo "Fcitx seems is not running"
    exit 0
    echo "Fcitx is running correctly."
    exec fcitx-qimpanel