Automatically hide the dock on the left with Mutiny

I really like Mutiny on Ubuntu-mate, but I would like the dock on the left to cleverly hide like Unity or even Ubuntu currently. And make it reappear with the windows key or when you are no longer in full screen. It's possible ? I could not do it.
Thank you

I have no access to my UM at the moment so I am guessing. So, try this:
Add a third panel to the right hand side. Place another dock. You must now be able to set the panel or dock (I cannot remember which, sorry) to auto-hide by right clicking to the settings. If you like the result, remove the left panel and move the newly made panel to the left.

Another way is to remove the left panel dock and place Plank dock, which can be easily made to hide by Plank preferences (left-most icon).

It must also be possible to hide it via its config hidden in your home dir but I am not sure and have no way to look it up.

Thanks, I will try these solutions. I thought that an option existed on the panel but obviously not

See my reply in the other post first.