Backgrounds and Emblems Missing in Caja

Hi, I would like to change Background of a folder but i miss Backgrounds and Emblems on Caja.
What can i do? Please help!

Use Ubuntu MATE 16.04 (MATE 1.12).

Thanks ...

Hi ?
What is your current version ?
As mrtribute said, you should be able to do so if using at least Ubuntu Mate 16.04.

I have Ubuntu Mate 17.04 64bit with Mate Desktop Environment 1.18.0.
All extentions of Caja are installed.

It's not possible in Ubuntu MATE 17.04 and 16.10. Those use GTK 3 builds of MATE. You have to use Ubuntu MATE 16.04. It has a GTK 2 version of MATE and is supported much longer than 17.04 and 16.10.

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They removed this feature in the GTK3 versions?

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As far as I know GTK 3 doesn't support this feature. GTK 3 doesn't support user customizable theme colours in the UI either. So I'm happy 16.04 is a LTS release.

Software is usually win some, lose some. If an upgrade is good or not is often depending on what features you value.


Thanks mrtribute for those GTK features details …

I tested that in VirtualBox Ubuntu MATE 17.04 with all updates and minimal changes and those things still seems to be there, if those are the things you were talking about?

Right clicking on folder and going to Properties then Emblems gives window as seen on right of the photo also changing folder color works for me.

What I think is no longer availabe in 17.04 due to GTK 3 is lack of color changes in customizing themes under Appearance Preferences.

Yes, that's right.

Yes, this and also you can't add Patterns and Colours as Caja background.

ele, that is not what i have asked for. That change only the colour of the icon of the folder and not the background of the folder.
Anyway, if with Ubuntu Mate 17.04 this isn’t possible anymore… it’s ok. I will survive LOL
I was only curious to know why it was no possible for me.

Ah OK. Sorry didn’t even know that existed. I don’t use English version on regular based and it’s translated differently in my language, trough both are named the same. This one really doesn’t seems to exist anymore in 17.04.

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