Backup and Common Data Stor

My home computer situation has 3 different OSes [Mac, Windows, & Linux] and different backups. In addition we needed a common data stor for all three. The solution was realized by deploying a NAS [network attached storage].

My backup solution includes 1 Mac, 2 Windows 7, and 2 Ubuntu MATE [dual boot with Win7]. I decided that using commercial backup solutions was a bit complex, plus I had reservations about trusting the commercial cloud applications that abound.

My solution - purchase a network attached storage [NAS] and have it backed up on my private network. I purchased consumer grade products and now have a 7 TB [NAS] available to all. Since I wasn’t in a hurry I waited until manufactures refurbished units were available. I intentionally disabled the Cloud aspect limiting access only to my in home private network.

####Products purchased:

  • 3 TB My Cloud - NAS from Western Digital
  • 4 TB My Book - USB3 from Western Digital
  • TP-LINK 5-Port Gigabit Ethernet Desktop Switch connects NAS and selected devices to WIFI router

####How this is used:

  • My Book is always connected to the My Cloud NAS providing a target for backups.
  • My Cloud is always accessible from any where in my home via WIFI providing a common data stor
  • Initial backups of each computer was performed when hard connected to the switch
  • Backup now performed via WIFI


  • no off site backup if disaster strikes in home
  • minimal exposure of NAS failure causing attached USB3 drive to also fail
  • not utilizing full My Cloud potential